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We Love Small Building Jobs!

LeadForce is the only company in Australia, actually in the world, to offer your business a new way to advertise your services and (wait for it) IT’S NOT DIGITAL.

What is “We Love Small Jobs?”
What is “We Love Small Building Jobs?”

We Love Small Building Jobs! has been created by LeadForce specifically for the small builder/tradesperson.

Your vehicle is now a Mobile Lead Generation machine, where all leads are exclusive to you!

If you are a licensed builder, electrician or plumber and you love doing small jobs, then you might want to consider applying to joining the We Love Small Building Jobs! team. We all know there are a lot of customers (domestic and commercial) who need small building jobs done. Now there is a way for the high-quality trades to meet with high-quality prospects.

LeadForce combines a registered Trademark (for builders / carpenters / electricians / plumbers) with your brand and your logo, we add your personal QR code (created by us) and create vehicle signage so customers can see who you are, what you love and how to contact you immediately.

How do you know it works?

When we decided to focus on small building jobs we quickly discovered how powerful these words were.

We put the tag line on our trucks and site signs and the phone started ringing. We would have carpenters come back from Bunnings with stories of customers chasing them down to get a business card.

We were getting 50-plus exclusive leads a month from just a few trucks and some small corflute site signs.

We did no paid advertising, no Google Adwords, no SEO, no Facebook and definitely no HiPages. We just had those 5 words on everything we owned which struck a chord with potential customers.

They were happy to find tradespeople who wanted to do small jobs…we were happy to have so many customers find us!

LeadForce now wants you to have the same success with one of our powerful Trademarks!

We Love Small Building Jobs!

We Love Small Electrical Jobs!

We Love Small Plumbing Jobs!

What’s next?


Apply for We Love Small Build Jobs


We look at all of your business collateral and how it will work in conjunction with one of our Trademarks:

Your branding and logo design

Your Website design

Your Vehicle Graphics and Signage

Your Site Signage with branding

Your Stationery – business cards, templates for Xero etc


A user license for one of our registered Trademarks is granted after a successful application:

“We Love Small Building Jobs!”

“We Love Small Electrical Jobs!”

“We Love Small Plumbing Jobs!”


A user license for one of our registered Trademarks is granted after a successful application:

Landing Page

1300 phone number

Lead contact form

Direct call

It’s easy. Book a Chat so we can talk you through it.

Why Small Building Jobs?
9 Reasons Small is the new Big

No one is going to win a building award for installing a window or changing tap washers. But believe us, small is the new big. Here are 9 reasons that we found out were great about doing small building jobs.

  • 1No architects or designers
  • 2Nice customers (who appreciate you actually like small jobs)
  • 3Charge for first site visit (we value our experience and so do nice customers)
  • 4Usually ‘ready to go’ (Tire kickers don’t pay for ‘thinking of doing something’)
  • 5Small jobs often turn into much bigger jobs.
  • 6Cost Plus is acceptable given there is no written ‘Scope of Work’
  • 7Often no Home Warranty Insurance (if under $20k of value)
  • 8Can be more profitable (less margin for error)
  • 9Easy to quote or estimate

Why do I need to

LeadForce has joined forces with one of the worlds largest compliance and software companies, EBIX Trades Monitor, to provide a platform for both trades and consumers wanting small building jobs to be done. The combination of our Trademarks and QR Code Technology, combined with the power of EBIX Trades Monitoir means that:

  • Qualified trades get low-cost and exclusive leads
  • Consumers get peace of mind when looking for licensed tradespeople

For that reason LeadForce only want qualified and insured trades, certified by EBIX Trades Monitor , to be using our powerful Trademarks.

What is EBIX
Trades Monitor?

Ebix Trades Monitor is Australia’s leader in contractor compliance management. Their extensive knowledge in Strata and the commercial building space has helped them to develop a range of high quality services that allow consumers to be assured that a contractor is fully qualified, insured and has all relevant certifications in place.

EBIX has a dedicated team that monitors more than 250,000 compliance documents Australia wide. Ebix Trades Monitor is part of EBIX Ebix Australia is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ebix Inc, one of the leading international suppliers of software and e-commerce solutions to the InsurTech industry and is listed on NASDAQ with revenues of more than US$1b per annum


A license to use one of our powerful Trademarks has two components

  • Set up and License Fee (one time)
  • 12 month subscription (billed monthly or annually)
1 vehicle 2 to 4 vehicles 5 to 8 vehicles
Customized “We Love Small Building Jobs! ” design
Mobile Lead Generation
EBIX Trades Monitor Certification
One-time Trademark License (Inc first month) $399 $799 $1,499
Monthly Fee $59/mth $129/mth $249/mth
Paid Annually $600(2 free mths) $1,290(2 free mths) $2,490(2 free mths)
For more than 8 vehicles call us

Still have questions?

What is a Landing Page?

A Landing Page is a one page description of you and your business. You are able to tell potential customers significant things about you and your business in a very short and precise way. Then they can choose to contact you immediately with their job request.

Will I definitely get leads?

Yes. If you present your vehicles, site signage, website etc and tell people that you LOVE small jobs and you are easy to contact (with QR codes and Landing pages) you will get leads. If you are not happy within the first 6 months, we will give a 100% credit against any other products in the Leadforce store.

Why do I need to sign a contract?

We have contracts because we are licensing our Intellectual Property. If you want to stop,just call us. We don’t avoid phone calls or carry on, like we hear some organisations do. 😉

Are leads really exclusive? You don't share with any other tradie?

Yes. 100% yours.

It’s going great, what do I do to increase my vehicles on the road?

Great! We love seeing tradies win! All you need to do is call your account manager and upgrade your contract to the new level. We will then work with you on your new vehicle signage.

Why do I need to pay to use a Trademark?

We have applied and been granted Trademarks by the Australian Government for these words. Many taglines are very powerful and have instant recognition by consumers. We have spent a lot of time and money to secure these words because we know they work. If you use them without our written consent we can take legal action against you.

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