Branding that gets you noticed

Whether you’re in need of a new logo, looking to get online, or in need of site signage and printing, our branding and graphic design services will help you put your business on the map, and attract authentic leads.

Logo Design

Create a modern and eye-catching logo for your business with our dedicated graphics design team. Together we’ll help shape a logo that authentically represents your business.

Website Design

Design a website puts your business on the map. Our web design team will work with you to create a website that showcases your work to potential customers, and gives your business a presence.

Vehicle Graphics
and Vehicle Wraps

Be seen on the road with eye-catching vehicle graphics and wraps. Advertise your business whilst on the move.


Create branded electronic templates for all your quotes, invoices, letterheads, and emails, to promote your business professionally.

Enquire about our design services by booking a consult with our team, or create a free LeadForce account to access our design shop.

Tradie Print Shop

Need branded business cards, site signage, brochures or banner mesh? Create a LeadForce account to get access to our one-stop print shop for Tradies.

Business Cards

Print branded business cards for you and your team

Site and Safety Signs

Choose from our wide range of coreflute site and safety signs


Create visual brochures to promote your business to your customers.

Banner Mesh

Advertise your business on the screen with branded banner mesh for your worksite


Put your brand on our wide range of stationery

Promo Products

Dot points: Stickers, Magnets, and Caps

Get branded printing products through our customised print shop account!

Branding & Design

and Design

Create quality leads with effective and eye-catching branding. From logos to websites, and vehicle wraps to marketing collateral, we’ll help your business to attract attention online, onsite and on the road.

Print Shop

Print Shop
Print Shop

Have a great trade business? We print everything you need to get your trade business seen. Using a dedicated LeadForce account you can print everything from Business Cards, Brochures, to Site Signs and Banner Mesh, all with delivery Australia-wide.

Delivery Australia wide.
Leads Management


Find and manage new leads the new way using the Leadforce QR-Tech System. We integrate QR Code technology into your branding so you get leads whilst driving around and the best part is, they’re EXCLUSIVE to you.

We don’t sell or farm out your leads!

How It Works

No matter if you’re just starting your business, you’re rebranding or you want a website to elevate your business to the next level, we have the tools and products to get you there.

We can help you, to understand your needs better.

Create a free
Leadforce Account!

1Book a free consultation to discuss your business needs.

2Create your leadforce business account.

3Select the products and services your business needs.

4Elevate your business to the next level.

Take control of your business Drive Leads to Your Business everyday with Leadforce

  • Your leads are exclusive to you.
  • Developed by Tradies for Tradies.
  • You don’t pay per lead.

Take the next step, and drive leads back to your business.

Take control, and make it simple to drive leads back to your business. Using QR code technology, our LeadForce system allows you to proactively collect leads whilst you work and whilst you drive.

Still have questions?

Do I have to be a licensed tradesperson to use on of your trademarks ?

Ans: Yes. If you wish to use any of trademarks that reference building, plumbing or electrical. you must have a valid and current licence. Ask about other trades and services.

I don’t have a logo, can you help?

Ans: Yes. Our graphics team can design all of your branding, including logos, site signage and stationery.

What about my vehicle graphics?

Ans: We Love Designing vehicle graphics!

How would I describe Leadforce to friends or colleagues?

Ans: Leadforce is a lead management service, helping builders, plumbers, electricians and all kinds of trades promote their business more professionally, resulting in more leads. Leadforce provides simple practical solutions, it is not a Digital Advertising Agency that sells leads.

If my application to license your trademark is not successful, is that the end of it?

Ans: No. We will tell you what you need to do. It will most likely be simple, but you will know.

Do I have to have to be an insured tradesperson to use one of your trademarks?

Ans: Yes, along with having a valid trade licence, you need to have appropriate and current insurance. That’s good for you and good for customers. Everyone’s a winner.

I need a new website, can LeadManager design my website?

Ans: Yes. We do great websites. We do not currently host websites though, you will need to get it hosted elsewhere.

Can I just put We Love Small (insert trade) Jobs! on my current work vehicles?

Ans: Possibly. We would like to see pics of your current vehicles to ensure our trademarks look good alongside your logos. We might suggest an upgrade to your vehicle branding which we can do.

Can I put We Love Small Building Jobs (or Electrical or Plumbing) on my own website?

Ans: Yes, if you are accepted and pay for a licence, you can have the phrase on your own website and other signage.

What happens if I leave?

Ans: You will be asked to remove the licensed trademarks from all vehicles and other places it can be seen. We will remove your business from our directory. If you don’t, we may well send you a letter from our lawyers, but we would prefer you just do the right thing.

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