We are LeadForce!

Your marketing solution for small building jobs for the licensed builder, electrician, and plumber!

We are the first in Australia to use QR codes in print media on vehicles for lead generation.

Our Vision and Values

“Our aim is to do something unique for small business tradies. Of course we want to make some money, but we also want to have some fun and what would be really cool is to get up the noses of those big companies who have been ripping off tradies for a long time. We will provide tradies with practical business tools and advice. It’s really that simple.”


We are committed to approaching every customer with integrity. We honor our promises to you every time.


It’s not a question of whether non-digital marketing is obsolete, but more about Our mission is to reshape trades market landscape, by bringing best in class support for our customers.

Our Story

As with any small business, LeadForce started with identifying a need and a dream. We started as a medium-sized building team of 10 to 15 builders who specialized in small building projects.

The small building jobs market turned out to be a lucrative decision, with some jobs turning into larger projects. What we found is there was a definite need for a team of builders for the smaller projects that were not being met, and neither the home building trade nor the builder industry was adapting to meet this market.

As barriers to entry lowered, prices dropped, enforcement of building codes become looser, and the cost to enter a house construction outsources workers contract laborers and become less expensive, the demand for low-cost builders became an unmet need in the home building industry. We love small building jobs! We started systemizing our approach to these jobs, registered our trademarks, and got organized. This organized, systemized approach improved our bottom line.

LeadForce was in such demand and had so many leads, we realized it was now time to grow even further. We have developed non-digital lead generation systems for our fellow tradies at a fraction of what the large lead development companies charge.

We’ve been looking for the perfect phrase to, concisely, and thoroughly encapsulate our company’s mission. We believe in honesty and transparency, and will never resell your leads. Your leads are your own, forever.

It’s all Possible

Join leadforce, the name behind
“We Love Small Building Jobs!”

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